LumApps: Use filters in views

The AODocs LumApps widget lets you display AODocs documents directly in your LumApps interface. 

LumApps displays can show AODocs libraries based on either a document class or a view. Learn more: Select a library for display in LumApps.

In LumApps displays based on library views, you can use filters as well as the document title to search for documents.

Any filters based on the following property types that are configured in the selected view are available in LumApps:

  • String
  • Person
  • Category (multivalue, multilevel)
  • Workflow state (multivalue)
  • Date
  • Date+Time

– Filters are not available in LumApps displays based on document classes.
– All filters in your selected AODocs view based on the property types listed above are automatically displayed in LumApps.
– If you have any filters in your selected AODocs view based on property types not listed above, they are not displayed in LumApps. 

Filters in LumApps function in exactly the same way as filters in AODocs. Learn more: 

In the example below, the LumApps display shows a view called "All contracts". Filters are applied to search for all documents that are in the workflow state "Draft contract" or "Contract Validated" and have the "Country" category defined as "Belgium". 


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