View AODocs documents in LumApps

The AODocs LumApps widget lets you display AODocs documents directly in your LumApps interface. 

Note: Before you can view AODocs document in LumApps, your LumApps administrator must set up the AODocs LumApps widget and select a library for display.

This article is for LumApps end users. It explains how to:

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Sign in to AODocs

1. When you access LumApps you can see the AODocs LumApps widget. 

2. Click Sign in with Google to sign in to AODocs. 


After signing in to AODocs, you can see the library that the LumApps administrator selected for display if you have viewer rights or above. 

In the example below, the user has access to the library called D1 - Contracts


In the example below, the user doesn't have access to the library. 


Access AODocs documents in LumApps and perform workflow actions

Learn more about performing workflow actions in AODocs.

1. Click once on a document in the list. The document opens in the LumApps display. 

2. Click the Workflow button and select the workflow action you want to perform.

Note: The Workflow button:
–  isn't displayed if you have no workflow actions to perform on the document
–  is grayed out (unavailable) if there are mandatory properties that aren't filled in, if there are properties with invalid values, or if the document has been checked out manually


3. In the Perform workflow action dialog, you can enter a comment related to your workflow action.

Note: Comments can be optional or mandatory. Learn more: Configure user actions for your workflows.

4. Click Submit.

When you submit the workflow action, the workflow state is updated (if all participants have completed the workflow transition).


6. Click Documents to return to the list of AODocs documents in LumApps.


Open AODocs documents in the AODocs interface

To open an AODocs document in the AODocs interface, click its Open in new tab button in the Link column. 

Note: If your LumApps administrator chose not to display hyperlinks to open AODocs documents in a new tab, the Link column isn't displayed.


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