AODocs cookies

AODocs puts small files called cookies on your device to optimize your experience with AODocs.

Important: AODocs cookies aren’t used to identify you personally.

The following cookies are set by AODocs:


This is a temporary cookie which disappears when you close your browser tab. It contains the ID of your session. This means you don't have to through the Google single sign-on process each time your browser sends an HTTP request. 


This is a cookie used by Google App Engine's traffic splitting algorithms. We use this cookie when deploying new releases of AODocs so we can control which Google domains get the new release first.

  • _ga and _gid

These cookies are used by Google Analytics to analyze user traffic on our web site.

  • intercom-lou-* and intercom-session-*

These cookies are used by our instance of Intercom, a tool we use to interact with users and to analyze user behavior.

Note: In addition to the cookies set by AODocs, users also receive cookies set by Google. These cookies are related to the user's navigation in the AODocs user interface, such as Google's sign-in cookies.

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