• How can I purchase AODocs licenses?
    You can pay online with your credit card or contact our Sales team for other means of payment. 
  • How do I figure out how many licenses I need?
    One license per AODocs user. If you want to access a document in AODocs, you must have a license. A license is assigned to a user when the user accesses a document managed by AODocs. Licenses are shared between all libraries of your domain.
  • Are external users counted in the AODocs licenses?
    Yes, licenses for external users are counted and assigned in exactly the same way as for internal users. Learn more: Manage external users.
  • I need help configuring AODocs, who shall I contact?
    Our team of deployment experts is available to guide you to get the best out of AODocs.
    Contact the Sales team by email at support@aodocs.com or open a ticket.
  • Does AODocs provide a sandbox environment? How?
    Yes, we're happy to accommodate a free AODocs sandbox environment for our customers. 
    Google Workspace customers should install AODocs on their Google Workspace sandbox instance and contact their AODocs account manager to have it registered and made free of charge. Microsoft customers should contact their sales representative or the AODocs Sales team by email at sales@aodocs.com.
  • I have an issue with AODocs, who shall I contact?
    Our Support team is here for that, and you are at the right place. Contact them by clicking the Submit a ticket button at the bottom of the AODocs Knowledge Base homepage or by following this link.
  • Do you meet any compliance standards?
    AODocs passed SSAE 18 SOC 2 Type II certification.
    – SSAE 18 is an auditing standard that not only verifies controls and processes but also requires a written report regarding the design and operating effectiveness of the controls being reviewed. The resulting SOC 2 report is one of the gold standards of security for cloud technologies.
    – AODocs helps many organizations comply with regulations and standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSMS, OHSAS and others.
    With our SOC 2 certification, customers have one more reason to trust AODocs with business critical documents.
  • Where will my data/content be stored?
    Files are stored and remain in one of the following storage platforms:
    • Google Drive
    • Google Cloud Storage (GCS) – GCS buckets store your files and can be managed by AODocs or by your organization
    • Azure Blob storage – containers store your files and are managed by your organization

Properties and configuration details are stored in AODocs, hosted on Google Cloud Platform.
Learn more: Where is my content stored?

  • Does AODocs include a backup and restore solution?
    No, AODocs does not work as a backup and restore solution.
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