• What do I need to install AODocs?
    You need to be a G Suite Customer (Basic, Business, Enterprise, Edu or Government).
  • How much does AODocs cost?

Enterprise Folder License price per user per year

$48 USD

Document Management License price per user per year

$96 USD

Application Plartform License price per user per year

$192 USD

Learn more here: https://www.aodocs.com/pricing-features/

  • How can I purchase AODocs licenses?
    You can pay online with your credit card or contact our Sales team for other means of payment.
  • Can I try AODocs before I buy?
    You sure can — your first 14 days come fully loaded with all our AODocs Document Management offer.
  • How do I figure out how many licenses I need?
    One license per AODocs user. If you want to access a document on AODocs, you need to have a license. A license is assigned to a user when a user access a document managed by AODocs. Licenses are shared between all libraries of your domain.
  • Are external users counted in the AODocs licenses ?
    Yes, they are counted when they access a document in a technical point of view. In a commercial point of view, we don’t wait for them to access a document managed by AODocs.
  • I need help configuring AODocs, who shall I contact?
    Our team of deployment experts are available to guide you to get the best out of AODocs. Contact them at aodocs-ninjas@aodocs.com.
  • I have an issue with AODocs, who shall I contact?
    Our support team is here for that, and you are at the right place. Simply contact them by clicking on “Submit a request” button on the top of this page.
  • What's your cancellation policy?
    Our goal is to make you happy. You can cancel at any time and won't be billed for subsequent months. No hard feelings.
  • Where can we find case studies?
    The following case studies are available from our website, under the customers section:
    Grupo WRR;
  • Do you meet any compliance standards?
    AODocs passed SSAE 16 SOC 2 certification.
    - SSAE 16 is an auditing standard that not only verifies controls and processes, but also requires a written report regarding the design and operating effectiveness of the controls being reviewed. The resulting SOC 2 report is one of the gold standards of security for cloud technologies;
    - AODocs helps many organizations comply with regulations and standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSMS, OHSAS and others. Now with our SOC 2 certification, customers have one more reason to trust AODocs with business critical documents.
  • Where will my data/content be stored?
    Files are stored in Google Drive and remains in your Google Drive domain.
    Properties and configuration are stored in AODocs, hosted on Google App Engine.

  • Does AODocs include a backup and restore solution?
    No, AODocs does not work as a back and restore solution like other solutions in the market like Spanning backup or Backupify.
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