Bulk Updater V13.0 Release notes

Hi all,

We're pleased to announce release 13.0 of Bulk Updater!

We mainly worked on authentication but we gathered your feedback to add some anticipated features.

Multi-cloud is no longer a concept for Bulk Updater

Michelle: My company switched from Google Workspace to Microsoft. AODocs multi-cloud fully covers my needs, but I’ll miss the spreadsheet export feature.

You can now sign in to Bulk Updater using a Microsoft account and continue to use Google spreadsheets as a Microsoft user!


Michelle: Good news! How can I use Google spreadsheets with Microsoft?

As soon as you create your export, you receive an email in your Microsoft account with a link to access the spreadsheet with a code (only accessible if you’re using the visitor sharing feature)!


  • This feature is opt-in. Get in touch with your dedicated contact at AODocs to set up the technical requirements to activate this feature.
  • For Microsoft Excel fans: don’t worry, we’re investigating the possibility of integrating Excel online.

Additional/Focused columns

Alice: I customized a view in AODocs that matches my needs exactly, and I’d like to include the document ID in the export so I can compare it with a previous export.

Bob: I know that I can filter on a specific document class and I just want to list the title and the last modification date, but I don’t have any other option than to export all system and custom properties.

You can now choose the properties to export:

  • If you selected a library or a document class, you can specify which system or custom properties to export.
  • If you selected a view, you can add extra properties that aren’t accessible in the list of properties in the view.


Restricted usage of update

Arthur: The direct link from the new views to Bulk Updater export is really useful for export purposes. BUT I don’t want to give all users the ability to update in bulk.

You can now restrict usage of the update feature to a specific list of users, others will only be able to perform simple exports.

Auto-refresh helpers

Andrew: I’m using a technical account to generate my auto-refreshed spreadsheet, which is working well. This way, the spreadsheet isn’t tied to my professional account. However, I don’t receive mail notifications if something goes wrong on the export as the email is sent to the owner of the export (ie the technical account).

Email notifications can now be sent to users other than the one who created the export.

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