Bulk Updater V9.0 Release notes

Hi all,

We’re pleased to announce a new version of Bulk Updater!

First time you’re using Bulk Updater? Discover how to use it in our Knowledge Base.

For this release, we made lots of improvements to reliability and introduced two new features.

And... Bulk Updater is no longer in beta!

Export relations

You can now export the relations of your documents. In the Configure your export screen, select Include relations in the new Additional info drop-down menu.


After running your export, each of your relations will be displayed in a separate column in the Bulk Updater spreadsheet. The cells in each column contain the IDs of the related documents. If there are multiple related documents, they are separated by a pipe |.


Note: The columns take the name of the “To” or “From” side of your relation depending on which document class you’re exporting from. Learn more: Configure relations.

You can edit the relations as follows: 

  • Clear the cell to remove all relations.
  • Add a document ID (or IDs separated by a pipe |) to add related documents.
  • Delete an ID to remove an existing relation and replace it by another one.

Note: All the IDs must be in the same document class as in the relation configuration.

Export as an Awesome Table

You can now export your documents as an Awesome Table.

The standard export from Bulk Updater exports the names of properties in the first row and then lists your documents in the following rows. In Awesome Table, the first line is also used as the header, but the second line is dedicated to filters and rendering. Previously, if you wanted to use your spreadsheet as a datasource to create an Awesome Table, you had to add this line manually.  But it was removed each time you ran a refresh, which was a bit painful. Now this additional line is kept, even after a refresh (or auto-refresh)!

To use this feature, in the Configure your export screen, select Export as Awesome Table in the Custom export field. The document and attachment URLs are always included in your Awesome Table.

To generate your Awesome Table: 

  1. Configure a simple export and select the required AODocs view to export.
  2. Select Export as Awesome Table.
  3. Run the export.
  4. Go to the Awesome Table website.
  5. Create a new Awesome Table and select your generated spreadsheet.
  6. Your Awesome Table view is ready with a list of titles that link directly to your AODocs documents! You can refresh it or activate an auto-refresh on it.

Bug fixes

We made the following bug fixes: 

  • Pre-check on validity before running the Bulk Updater export process.
  • The auto-refresh no longer fails randomly after being set. 

Summary of known limitations

  • Each property can contain no more than 5000 characters.
  • You can’t export more than 150 properties per export.
  • You can’t export more than 5 million property values per export.
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  • So essentially this new bulk updater replaces the Google Sheets Awesome Table addon? Thanks

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  • Hi Lous-Philippe,
    Yes, you’re right. You can use the new Bulk Updater instead of the Awesome Table Connector! Hope you enjoy it!
    Have a good day,

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  • Very good upgrade. The only downside I can see right now is that you cannot decide in what Google Sheet you import the data, you have to go through what the link in the menu, correct? Also wondering if ownership of that file can be changed, moved into a folder etc.

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  • Hi Louis-Philippe,
    We’re happy to hear you like the new release!
    True, in Bulk Updater you can’t currently select the spreadsheet into which you export the data. Bulk Updater generates a new spreadsheet. Feel free to add a feature request to our Community, and people can vote for it!
    You can change ownership of the spreadsheet as long as you’re not using the auto-refresh feature. And once you’re the owner, you can move the spreadsheet into a different folder.
    Hope that helps!

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