Bulk Updater V7.0 Release notes

Hi all,

We’re pleased to announce a new version of Bulk Updater!

First time you’re using Bulk Updater? Discover how to use it in our Knowledge Base!

As you may know, this useful software remains in beta version. We’re making lots of changes to meet your needs.

You’ll find below the list of improvements and bug fixes in this release. Don’t hesitate to relay the information to your customers.

New UI


To improve your experience, the web application is now composed of three pages:


  • Create export: The form to configure the export.
  • Update:
    • List of latest exports waiting to be edited in spreadsheet.
    • Run update after edition ins spreadsheet.
    • List of latest “update” results.
  • Recent exports

Create export

This page contains the same functions as before this release but we’ve added filters, splitters and a count of the number of documents to export (for more details see New features).

You can now count the number of documents in the export before launching it!
(in some cases, as in AODocs views, the count may be an estimation)


This page supports URL parameters such as domain, library, class and view. You can copy-paste the URL of this page to share it with other people.


This page contains the filtered list of exports with the update feature available. You can view the exported main configuration, open the generated spreadsheet and run the update (this is same action as the update in the spreadsheet).

From the Update page, you can now run updates on your exported spreadsheet without a consent appscript:

  • Click the icon in the Update column.
  • Choose whether to keep the previous modification date.

Note: It’s not yet possible to edit attachments.

  • Within 5 seconds, your update is displayed in the section Your latest updates.



This page lists all exports and updates with their status, number of documents and other details.New features

New features

Disable update operation

You can now exportwithout updating. This means that you can:

  • create and share exports without updating
  • access advanced features not compatible with updating documents


You now have access to predefined filters:

  • Skip documents directly under the root folder
  • Skip documents without attachments


Note: The filter Skip documents without attachments is available only if you selected a document class.

You can combine filters with a custom query, which can be applied if you selected a document class or a view.

A link to the AODocs Knowledge Base was added.



You now have access to split functions with the options shown below.



  • One line per version: to generate as many lines as each document has versions
  • One line per attachment: to generate as many lines as each document has attachments

Note: These advanced features are available only when the update feature is disabled because splitting can result in multiple lines for a given document.

If you have any feedback or issues, please reply to this email and let us know!

Thank you in advance and enjoy this new version! We look forward to hearing what you think.

The Bulk Updater team :)

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