Install the AODocs Retention Module

The AODocs Retention Module is a feature of the AODocs Document Management Platform included in the AODocs Application Platform license.

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To install the AODocs Retention Module:

  • AODocs must be installed on the Google Workspace domain where the libraries needing retention are located
  • the AODocs Retention Module must be enabled for your Google Workspace domain – contact your AODocs sales representative or send an email to
  • define the value of your Basic Offset field, which is defined at the domain level and used to calculate the date when retention begins for your documents – contact your AODocs sales representative or send an email to

Administrators of the AODocs Retention Module

The AODocs Retention Module has three types of administrator:

Create Retention super administrators

To define a list of AODocs retention super administrators, you can set up a Google group and populate it with users to whom you want to grant the AODocs retention super administrator role. Configure this Google group to accept emails coming from other domains.

1. Open the Google Admin console.

2. Select Groups.

3. Create a new Google group or open a Google group you own.

4. Under Manager users in [Name of group] add the required members.

5. Under Access Settings select Basic permissions.

6. In the Post drop-down menu, select Anyone on the Web.

7. Click Save.

Access the AODocs Retention Module

You can access the AODocs Retention Module if you are:

1. Follow the link to the AODocs Retention Module

2. Sign in using your Google Account. 


Getting started

The AODocs Retention Module user interface 

The AODocs Retention Module has several tabs:


Next steps

To assign retention schedules using the AODocs Retention Module, you must:  

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