Add or unbind retention schedules in your library

The AODocs Retention Module is a feature of the AODocs Document Management Platform, included in the AODocs Application Platform license level. It lets you automate the retention and disposal of the documents stored in your AODocs libraries.

When you've assigned one or more retention schedules to your library, you may want to: 

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Add retention schedules to the root of your library

Note: You can add retention schedules at the root level of your library only. Folders can have only one retention schedule assigned to them. To change the assignment of a folder, unbind its retention schedule and then assign a different schedule

1. In the AODocs Retention Module, open the Active libraries tab. The list of active libraries is displayed.

2. Click the Edit library assignments button next to the library in which you want to change the assignment of retention schedules.


3. Click the Edit assign button next to a retention schedule assigned to the root.

4. Enter one or more retention schedules in the Retention ID field.

– Only active retention schedules are available.
– If you've already assigned a retention schedule to the root of the library that isn't property based, only property-based retention schedules are available.

4. Click Save.


Your library status is recalculated. If there are any errors, they are indicated in the Configuration status panel.

In the example below, we added a retention schedule based on the property "Tax code", but this property isn't defined in the library.

5. Correct any errors in your library configuration, then click Recalculate. Learn more about the Configuration status panel.


Unbind retention schedules

1. In the Active libraries tab, click the Edit library assignments button next to the library in which you want to unbind retention schedules.

The list of retention schedules assigned to the library is displayed under Folders managed by retention schedules.

2. To unbind individual retention schedules from the root level or from folders, click the Unbind button next to the required retention schedule.

To unbind all retention schedules in your library (including those assigned to folders), click Unbind all.

Note: If you unbind all retention schedules assigned to the library, the library moves to the Pending libraries tab.

3. Click OK in the confirmation dialog.


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