AODocs V45 Release notes

Dear AODocs Users,

Please find below a list of the major new features and improvements in AODocs version 45.

Launch details

Rollout pace: Full rollout from 12 December 2017.

Impact: All end users

New Features

Redesign of the workflow (step 2)

Reminder: AODocs version 44 introduced a redesign of how to manage version control in workflows.

Building on the redesigned workflow, version 45 introduces a new discard checkout transition on draft workflow states.  


We improved the behavior of draft documents, so you can now:

  • trigger automatic transitions on drafts
  • view drafts under the correct workflow state in views, see the draft’s property values, and search in draft documents

Disable manual versioning

Release 45 introduces a new security setting at the document class level: Disable manual versioning. Library administrators can prevent users (themselves included) from creating any manual versions.

When Disable manual versioning is selected, the following features aren’t available from the user interface:

  • Create a new version and Revert to version
  • Check-out / Check-in and Discard check-out
  • Create a new version of the existing attachment in the Upload pop-up


Validation rules for custom properties

Release 45 introduces rules to validate the values of custom properties, according to their field type:

  • String: regular expression
  • Integer and decimal: range of values
  • Person: restrict to a Google Group or role

image03.png Editing custom properties in the AODocs document (end-user)

image04.pngDefining a custom property of type Person (library administrator)

image05.png Defining a custom property of type Decimal (library administrator)

image06.png Defining a custom property of type String (library administrator)


Enable and display comments on parallel transitions

On parallel workflow transitions, all validators can leave a comment. If comments are mandatory, all validators are forced to leave a comment.


Extended drag and drop

You can drag and drop attachments (non-Google files only) to Team Folder libraries and Secured Folder libraries.

When you drag and drop attachments in Document Management libraries, the Upload pop-up opens if the document already has an attachment with the same name and the same Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) type as the file selected for upload.

Three choices are available:

  • Add as a new attachment
  • Replace existing attachment - this replaces the existing attachment without creating a new version of the document
  • Create a new version of the existing attachment - this creates a new version of the document with the file selected for upload as an attachment


Rename document attachments in Document Management libraries


In Document Management libraries, you can rename attachments when an AODocs document is in edit mode.

Improvements to relations



Other changes

Changes to the AODocs interface

Redesign of the AODocs homepage

On the AODocs homepage, the side navigation and the Create library button have been redesigned.


Changes to the document page

  • Improvements to the Versions panel:
    • In the Versions panel of the draft version of a document:
      • the Check-in and Discard check-out buttons are available
      • the main version of the document is tagged in the list of previous versions
    • In the Versions panel of the main version of a document (that has been checked out), the check-out banner isn’t displayed to users who don’t have access to the draft version.


  • Partial revamping of the action bar

On the document page, some of the options from the action bar have been moved to a new action bar.

image15.pngAction bar in AODocs release 44

Action bars in AODocs release 45

  • You can no longer move a document to a different folder in edit mode.


As of release 45 you can change the folder only via the Folder selection pop-up.


  • In the Properties panel of the document page, the sections of a document are separated.


  • The Create a file pop-up in Document Management libraries has radio-buttons.


Minor changes to the workflow configuration interface

  • The User actions in workflows panel has been revamped.


  • The following workflow transitions have been renamed:
    • on specified date/time is now from specified date/time
    • on a specific date (document property) is now from a specific date (document property)


Miscellaneous enhancements

  • You can set category values to outdated, so they can no longer be used.
  • You can set the time zone at the library level.
  • The Can comment permission at the workflow state level is available in Secured Folders.
  • Trashed documents have been re-organized in the My Drive of the storage account.
  • Security codes are kept for one week after the expiration date. Super administrators can reactivate an expired security code by changing its expiration date.


Bug fixes

  • Hidden properties are now displayed only to administrators in workflow emails.
  • The Copy action (renamed Duplicate) is hidden if the user can’t create a document from the class
  • Fix untranslated wording.


Coming soon

We’re working on these features:

  • Save your favourite libraries in the AODocs homepage and sort them by last accessed time.
  • Display the history of workflow transitions for a document.
  • Notify specific users via the Notify users pop-up
  • Extended configurability of the document page.

… and more, so keep an eye out for the next release!


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