AODocs–Virtru user guide

The Virtru integration with AODocs adds a security layer with scalable and customizable encryption of the files stored in AODocs libraries.

The Virtru encryption and access control comes on top of AODocs’ own security features.
When you use Virtru you also have access to:

  • AODocs access controls, security options, and sharing permissions management
  • AODocs document management features such as metadata, workflow and version control

With Virtru integration, as an user, you can:

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Encrypt and upload a file

– Virtru can only encrypt non-Google files. As Google files (Google Docs, Sheets, Slides) are created directly in the cloud, Virtru can’t encrypt them from a local device.
– AODocs data such as custom properties or workflow status are not encrypted by Virtru.
– You can only upload and encrypt one file at a time.

1. As a contributor, open a library in the AODocs interface.

2. Click New.

Note: Depending on the configuration of your library, you may need to select the document class name, a template without an attachment or Blank.

3. In the Choose a file dialog, select Upload using Virtru.

Note: Unless you're working in a Document Management library where a library administrator has set encryption as mandatory, you can still create non-encrypted content using the Attach, Upload and convert, and Create options in the Choose a file dialog. 
Learn more: Install and activate Virtru in AODocs.


4. Select a file stored on your computer to upload, by drag and drop or or by browsing your file explorer.

Note: You may have to allow pop-ups to be displayed in your browser and grant permissions to Virtru and AODocs.


4. When the document is created:

  • in Secured Folders, you can choose to open the document in Google Drive or AODocs
  • in Document Management libraries, the document opens in AODocs


– When uploaded, the files are encrypted through the Virtru uploader tool as TDF files. TDF files are then uploaded to AODocs.
– At the same time, an encryption key is also created and partially stored in the Virtru Eaas Server. 

View an encrypted file

Important: To access encrypted content, you must have both permissions to:
access the file in AODocs
decrypt the file in Virtru

1. Open your encrypted file from AODocs or (if you're working in a Secured Folder) from Google Drive. 

From AODocs:

  • As a reader, open an AODocs document in the AODocs interface.
  • Select the encrypted file attached to the AODocs document in the sidebar to open it in the Virtru secured reader.


From Google Drive (Secured Folders only): right-click the selected file and select Open with > Virtru for Drive.


3. Authenticate yourself.

You can authenticate yourself through federated identity protocol providers (OAuth, SAML, Open ID) or use a time-locked one time password.
Virtru checks that you have been given access to the encryption key of the document.

4. Virtru downloads the encrypted data in your browser in the Virtru secured reader.
Click Authorize to authorize access to the encypted file.


5. When access to the decrypted file has been confirmed by Virtru, you can view the decrypted file or download it locally.

Share a file

Permissions in AODocs

When Virtru is activated and an encrypted file has been uploaded to AODocs, you won’t be able to modify its permissions from the AODocs interface. We advise library administrators to share their library content with Google Groups and manage permissions at the Google Group level.

Note: If you want to share documents managed by AODocs, an AODocs super administrator must allowlist the external users.

Permissions in Virtru

As the content owner, you can access the Virtru Eaas Server and manage their own encryption keys through a centralized dashboard.
Only content owners and authorized parties can decrypt and read content. You can audit, revoke or alter access at any time in a matter of seconds.

Edit an encrypted file

1. From the Virtru secured reader, download the decrypted file.


2. Modify the content of the file locally.

3. Upload the updated file as a new file or as a new version of the file.

Note: If you want to upload the updated file as a new version, you first need to encrypt the file locally with Virtru.

Search a file

In Google Drive, the keyword search applies only on the file name and the system properties, such as the creation date and file owner. As the stored file is encrypted, the search doesn't apply to the content of this file.

In AODocs, administrators can improve the search engine by applying custom properties or workflows.

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