What is AODocs–Virtru integration?

Virtru adds client-side email and file encryption, control, and data loss prevention (DLP) directly to Google Workspace.
Virtru integration with AODocs adds a security layer with scalable and customizable encryption of the files stored in AODocs libraries.

Note: The AODocs-Virtru integration is available only for libraries using Google Drive. It is not available for libraries using other storage platforms, such as Google Cloud Storage or Azure Blob storage. Learn more: What are the differences between the various storage platforms for AODocs?

Important note on licenses:
– Virtru integration is available for AODocs Document Management licenses.
– Virtru licenses must also be purchased for users creating encrypted content.

Virtru encrypts the files before storing them in AODocs. Encryption and decryption is performed in the browser. This means that no server side component, such as Google Drive, AODocs or Virtru, has access to the decrypted content of the encrypted files.

The Virtru encryption and access control comes on top of AODocs’ own security features.

When you use Virtru you also have access to:

  • AODocs access controls, security options, and sharing permissions management
  • AODocs document management features such as metadata, workflow and version control


The encryption solution used by Virtru is an end-to-end encryption:

  • when you upload a file from a local device to AODocs with Virtru, the file is encrypted on the local device before being transmitted over the network and stored in Google Drive and managed by AODocs
  • when a user accesses the encrypted file in Google Drive via the Virtru Secured Reader, the encrypted data is downloaded to the user’s browser before being decrypted locally in the browser

To access the content of an encrypted file, a user must:

  • have the permission to read the encrypted file in Google Drive: this access is controlled by the Google Drive sharing permissions that are set by AODocs
  • have access to the decryption key stored on Virtru’s EaaS servers: this access is controlled by the access policies configured in Virtru

When the encrypted file is in AODocs, users can open it from a secured reader with the Virtru for Drive application. Users must authenticate and Virtru decrypts the file if they have been given access to the encryption key.

Note: To make sure Virtru permissions work correctly with Google Groups and email aliases, the Virtru Marketplace application must be installed on your Google domain.

Learn more: Google Drive Encrypted with AODocs

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