Install the Forms to AODocs add-on

Forms to AODocs is an add-on for Google Forms. It lets users create content quickly in AODocs. It's as easy as filling out a Google Form and submitting it.

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Important prerequisites:
– To install Forms to AODocs, your Google Workspace admin must have authorized you to install add-ons on your Google domain.
– You must be an AODocs library administrator to install and configure Forms to AODocs.

Install Forms to AODocs

1. Access the Forms to AODocs add-on in Google Workspace Marketplace.

2. Click Install.


3. The add-on initializes and asks you to grant permissions to Forms to AODocs on your account. Click Continue to open the permissions page.


4. The permissions required by Forms to AODocs are listed. Click Allow. Learn more: Permissions required by Forms to AODocs


5. The add-on is now installed and you are ready to configure your first Google Form linked to an AODocs library.

Permissions required by Forms to AODocs

When you install Forms to AODocs, you are asked to grant some permissions on their Google Workspace account.

The table below lists the permissions requested by Forms to AODocs and the reason why they are required:

View and manage your files in Google Drive Allows the add-on to import file attachments from your My Drive (where files uploaded by form respondents will end up) to AODocs.
View and manage data associated with the application

Allows the add-on to store configuration data necessary to import form responses.

Allow this application to run when you are not present Allows the add-on to process user responses even if you are not connected.
Send email as you Allows the add-on to warn you when the form submission feature encounters a problem.
Connect to an external service Allows the add-on to reach to AODocs and to import the document.
View and manage forms that this application has been installed in Allows the add-on to collect info about the questions and answers of your Google Form.
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