How are user licenses counted in AODocs?

Your AODocs subscription grants you a certain number of licenses. These licenses are automatically assigned to the users, based on their activities, as detailed below in this article.
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A license is assigned to a user when:

  • a user accesses a library homepage, a library view or a document page (even in read only) in the AODocs user interface;
  • a user modifies the domain or the library configuration via the AODocs administration interface or via the AODocs API;
  • a user opens a document managed by AODocs in Google Drive (even in read only).

Note: If a user accesses an AODocs document in Drive in read-only, the license won't be immediately assigned. AODocs detects it by periodic analysis of Google Drive accesses.

Note: Users who only log into AODocs without accessing any library or document do not use a license.

AODocs licenses are assigned to the users of your domain and external users. AODocs licenses are automatically removed from the users only when the user is deleted from your G Suite domain.

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