Use Bulk updater with AwesomeTable

You can use AwesomeTable to embed the data from an AODocs library into a website. You can then refresh your embedded data when changes are made to your AODocs library. Learn more: AwesomeTable Knowledge Base.

This is a powerful way to leverage your AODocs data.

This tips & tricks article explains how to use Bulk Updater (export and refresh) along with AwsomeTable to generate an embeddable view which is automatically updated!

Generate a spreadsheet with Bulk Updater

1. Configure and run an export in Bulk Updater. Select the required view or class.

2. Open your spreadsheet.

3. Name the sheet AODocs (for example).

Make your AODocs spreadsheet compatible with AwesomeTable

1. In your spreadsheet, create a new empty sheet and name it AwesomeTable (for example).

2. In the AwesomeTable sheet, select Data > Named ranges. A list of aliases appears.

3. Position your cursor in cell A1 and enter: =INDEX(AODOCS_HEADER)

4. Press Enter. You can see that the first row in the AwesomeTable sheet is dynamically updated from the AODocs sheet.

5. Position your cursor in cell A3 and enter: =INDEX(AODOCS_VALUES)

Important: Leave row 2 empty for now. 

6. Press Enter. You can see that values in the AwesomeTable sheet are dynamically updated from the AODocs sheet.

Your spreadsheet is now ready to use with AwesomeTable!
It has two sheets:

  • The AODocs sheet contains the data from your AODocs library. You can run a manual or auto refresh feature in Bulk Updater to refresh the content of this sheet to take account of any changes in your library.  
  • The AwesomeTable sheet contains the same data, which is dynamically updated whenever any changes are made to the AODocs sheet.

7. If required, enter AwesomeTable filters in row 2. In the example above:

  • the property Stock available has the filter hidden, so it won’t appear in the AwesomeTable view
  • the property Product type has the filter categoryfilter, so it will have a drop-down menu with the available options

Important: When you run a manual or auto refresh in Bulk Updater, the AwesomeTable filters remain intact. However, the filters will no longer be in the correct order if you:
– change the order of the columns
– add a new column (unless the new column is at the right end of the spreadsheet)

Generate embeddable content in AwsomeTable

When you create a new view in AwesomeTable, select your spreadsheet and then select the AwesomeTable sheet. Learn more: AwesomeTable Knowledge Base.

The embeddable content takes into account your data refreshes via Bulk Updater and any AwesomeTable filters you defined.

You can now insert your AwesomeTable view in a website.




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