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    Hello Xavier,

    I am happy to announce that today with the Release 43, we improved the field permissions management in the workflow section. You can now make fields hidden based on the workflow state:

    Let us know what you think, have a great day!

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  • Great suggestion. This feature will allow making AODOCs screen more user friendly. Displaying everything confuses users. Also there could be some fields eg. internal comments between approvers that should not be visible to requesters. 

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  • Hello Xavier,

    Thank you for your request. We plan to implement the behavior you describe and 2 additional.

    Depending on the workflow state, as an administrator you will be able to make a field:
    - Mandatory
    - Read only
    - Invisible.

    We do not yet have an ETA for this functionality, but it is on our roadmap.

    You can vote for the Feature request of Nader for mandatory fields depending on the workflow state on this post:


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