Save emails in AOdocs

Capability to save an email into AODocs by selecting metadata/tags.

Vault++ usage (i keep the data and i structure it, easy to find it) 



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    Hello Jeremy,

    Regarding the main feature of your request (import email into AODocs), we launched if with the release 5.0 on January 2017. If you want to detail the other feature in a new post, we could follow it separately.

    Thank you and have a good day.

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  • Hello Jérémy,

    Thank you very much for this feature request. I do confirm that emails integration are in our roadmap, though not as you describe it.

    We have planned to develop the integration with Gmail in two phases:

    1. Email to AODocs, you might already be familiar with this functionality. We will integrate the functionality directly within the Gmail interface using the AODOcs Smartbar. Library contributors will be able to create AODocs document by clicking on a button in the Gmail interface (without having to forward the email to the AODocs inbound email address).

    2. We will offer the possibility for the user to edit the documents properties at creation within the Gmail interface.

    I hope this development plan could fit the need you are raising for saving emails in AODocs. Please let us know if you have comments or feedback on this.


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  • Because the GMail is converted to a Google Doc it can be edited and therefore is not a record.  We need it to be converted to pdf.  Can that be done please?

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