Reporting for humans

Can we get reporting that is easy to read and hand over to other people without having to spend hours attempting to make it legible? Easy access to items like:

  • number of documents in a library
  • permissions of the library (and it's sub-folders)
  • legible access logs (think Google Analytics - who accessed the library and when)




  • Hello Steve, thank you for your request.

    The number of documents and number of attachments in a library will be soon available for super administrators in the revamped domain admin console. Reporting on permissions is still limited.

    Action performed at the library level or at the domain level are recorded by AODocs and accessible from the audit log section.  
    You can also export useful information thanks to our bookmarklets

    Can you describe how you perform reporting at this time?

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  • For permissions reporting, having the ability to report on the whole folder structure (not just the top level or parent folder) is key. For larger libraries, we're missing a lot of information if we can only report on the main library folder.

    I'm familiar with the audit log - that's why I filed this request. Yes, it provides the information about all actions taken against the library and it's contents, but to dig into the details to find exactly what you need is very time consuming and taxing.

    Reporting is avoided at this time unless absolutely necessary. The time it takes to actually get worthwhile information isn't worth the effort.

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  • Hello Steve,

    Thank you for the feedback. We actually have a new internal tool (still in beta) the "Drive explorer tool" that might fit your needs. It is web based tool allows you to have a thorough inventory of the content of a folder and its sub-folders in Drive (including the permissions, the path,...).

    I just asked our product management tool to invite you to the beta so you can try it!

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  • Library Administrators should be able to see how many documents there are in their libraries.


    At the moment only Super Admins can find out.

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