Configure migrations from a local file server

Migrate for AODocs is a tool that allows you to migrate files and folders into your AODocs libraries.

Important: Migrate for AODocs is currently available for our service teams only. For EAP access, contact

This article describes how to configure migrations from a local file server.

1. Access advanced mode and choose to create a  File server migration. The configuration screen opens.

2. Under Configure the source, enter the absolute path of the local folder you want to migrate.

Tip: Click the folder icon to select your path.

Note: If you enter a folder that doesn’t exist, an error message appears.

3. If required, unselect Skip hidden and system files (selected by default).

Note: For most file server migrations, there’s no versioning. However, if you’re migrating from a Windows server with versioning, you can select how many previous file versions to migrate in the drop-down menu.

4. Fill in the common options for migrations under Configure the source.

5. Click Next.


6. Fill in the common options for migrations under Define target options, then click Next.

7. Fill in the common options for migrations under Wrap-up.

You're now ready to run your migration.

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