AODocs mobile app change log

This article lists all the updates made to the AODocs mobile app since version 5.0 (29 September 2021).

AODocs mobile app 6.0
AODocs mobile app 5.0 

Details of major releases and hotfixes:

Date 24 November 2021 (6.1)


  • Documents with a reference catalog property with multiple values now display correctly in edit mode.
  • A new dialog indicates that the Take a picture feature is not currently available on Android 12.

5 November 2021 (6.0)

Major release: AODocs mobile app 6.0

Learn more:  AODocs mobile app 6.0 Release notes

8 October 2021 (5.1)

Hotfix: Improved display of error banners on the login screen.

29 September 2021 (5.0)

Major release: AODocs mobile app 5.0

Learn more:  AODocs mobile app 5.0 Release notes

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