AODocs bookmarklets change log (archive)

Important: This change log has been archived. All AODocs bookmarklets releases are now listed in the AODocs change log

This article lists all the updates made to the AODocs bookmarklets since release 2.3 (7 March 2017).

 AODocs bookmarklets 2.7
 AODocs bookmarklets 2.6
 AODocs bookmarklets 2.5
 Earlier versions


Details of the releases:

29 October 2018 (release 2.7)

We made some visual improvements, such as updating the AODocs logo in the page listing the bookmarklets.

We also adjusted the Google Drive scopes for each bookmarklet, to fit the actual needs.

Document Export

  • Fixed export of the state change authors field when chosen in views.
  • Export documents according to publish state: can include only the DRAFT versions, the MAIN versions (or non-checked-out documents) or all versions, according to the permissions to access the DRAFT version of documents.

Metadata Copy

  • Copying from a source document with No value for a field (i.e. empty field) will remove the value of the field in the target document if overwrite mode is selected.

2 May 2018 (release 2.6)

Audit Log

  • Fixed a pop-up that didn't open when triggered from the AODocs homepage.
  • Removed useless read-only panel.

Document Export

  • Extend scope of system fields supported for export (to include recent fields introduced in AODocs views).
  • Support export of reference catalog fields.

Metadata Copy

  • Support copy of reference catalog fields.

Workflow Visualization

  • Add dedicated format for workflow states hidden to users.

4 September 2017 (release 2.5)

Audit Log

  • Removed unnecessary domain choice.
  • The correct time zone is now used and exposed when exporting date attributes.
  • In the Filter list, there's a new Scope called Notification.

Batch Actions

  • The download function can now handle files with the same name.

Document Export

  • You can now export who and when the document was checked-out, and the date the state last changed.
  • The correct time zone is now used and exposed when exporting date attributes.
  • The plain URL is exported even if there is a display text attribute filled in.
  • Introduced a stepper at the top of the window showing the different steps in the process.

Metadata Copy

  • Properties are listed according to their rank, including categories (as in the document editor).
  • Minor fix: fewer scrollbars.
  • URL fields are properly copied, including the display text attribute (introduced in release 43).
  • The search by document id now fails if the document found isn't of the same class as the view.
  • When you launch a search for a source document, a message is displayed if more than 20 documents match the search query.

Permission Export

No changes for release 2.5.

View Thumbnails

This new bookmarklet allows you to view thumbnails of your document's attachments.

Workflow Visualization

7 April 2017 (release 2.4)

Metadata Copy

  • Fix copy of Person fields in multiple documents.

Note: There are no changes to the other bookmarklets for release 2.4.

7 March 2017 (release 2.3)

Technical hotfix to correct infinite loading, for all bookmarklets:

  • Audit Log
  • Batch Actions
  • Document Export
  • Metadata Copy
  • Permission Export
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