Install and configure the AODocs eSign Connector on your domain

The AODocs eSign Connector offers an electronic signature system for digital files. It lets you integrate DocuSign or Adobe Acrobat Sign into AODocs.

The AODocs eSign connector can be used to sign the first attachment of an AODocs document in a Document Management library.

Important: You must be a Google Workspace admin to perform the actions described in this article. Learn more from the Google Help Center: Pre-built administrator roles.
If you are a Microsoft customer wanting to install the eSign Connector, contact your contact your AODocs sales representative or send an email to

To integrate eSign into AODocs, you must:

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Install the AODocs eSign connector

1. Open the AODocs eSign connector in the Google Workspace Marketplace, and click the Domain install button.

2. Read the Domain wide install message and click Continue.


2. Click Allow to grant the required permissions:

  • See, edit, create, and delete only the specific Google Drive files you use with this app:  used to retrieve the AODocs attachment to sign, then save the signed PDF back to AODocs
  • See your primary Google Account email  address and See your personal info, including any personal info you've made publicly available: required to check the sender’s permissions to AODocs

3. Select the checkbox to agree to the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Google Workspace Marketplace's Terms of Service


3. Click Done in the message confirming that the AODocs eSign connector is installed.


By default, none of the users on your domain is authorized to request the eSignature of an AODocs attachment. You must add users to your DocuSign account or Adobe Acrobat Sign account.

Sign up to DocuSign or Adobe

If your custom script runs with:

  • the current user's privilege – all users who are going to send documents for eSignature must have a DocuSign or Adobe license
  • admin privileges – the storage account must have a DocuSign or Adobe license

Learn more: Configure custom scripts.

Create a Docusign account and add users

1. Open this link to create a DocuSign account:

2. Open this link to access the DocuSign User Administration:

3. Follow the eSign documentation to add users to your DocuSign account.

4. Select a permission set. You’re recommended to select DS Sender.

Each user you added receives an Account Activation email. When they follow the link in the email to activate their account, their status becomes active.

Note: If required, you can define your own permission set. If you do this, as a minimum the permission Can send envelope must be granted.

As a DocuSign user: activate your account

1. Click the Activate button in the email.


2. Enter a password and security question details, then click Activate.


Create an Adobe Acrobat Sign account

All users who want to send eSignature requests must have a Adobe Acrobat Sign license.

Learn more: Adobe e-signature plans and pricing.

Grant permission to the AODocs eSign Connector

The first time you run a custom script for eSignature, you need to grant the AODocs eSign Connector permission to connect to your DocuSign or Adobe Acrobat Sign account in order to send the document for signature. Learn more: Grant permission to the AODocs eSign Connector.

If your custom script runs with:

  • the current user's privileges — the end user must grant permission
  • admin privileges — the storage account must grant permission – in this case, we recommend signing in to the storage account and granting permission as part of the installation process

Learn more: Configure custom scripts.

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