Access AODocs without a Google Workspace or Gmail account

AODocs authentication is based on Google Accounts.

If you don’t have a Google Workspace or Gmail account and you want to keep your current email address to work in AODocs, follow this procedure. It describes how to create a Google Account associated with your existing email address. This will allow you to access the AODocs and Google Drive interfaces.

1. Access the following page: Sign up without Gmail

2. Enter your non-Gmail address and details, then press Next.


An email is sent to your non-Gmail address containing a verification code.

3. Enter the verification code into the Verify your email address pop-up and press Verify


4. Enter your personal information and press Next.

5. Read and accept the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Your account is created and you are directed to your Google Account page.

6. To access Google Drive: open the app launcher and select Drive.


Note: To access Secured Folders and Document Management libraries, you must be whitelisted as an external user by an AODocs super administrator and be added to the library permissions by a library administrators.
Learn more: Manage external users

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