UFO change log

This article lists all the updates made to the Universal File Opener (UFO) since version 1.0 (3 July 2017).

UFO 8.0 
 UFO 7.0
 UFO 6.0
 UFO 5.0
 UFO 4.0
 UFO 3.0
 UFO 2.0
 UFO 1.3
 UFO 1.2
 UFO 1.1
 UFO 1.0

Details of major releases and hotfixes:

26 April 2022 UFO extension (8.5) and client (8.2)

Technical release: no change to the user experience except having to reload the Drive page to install the new version.

17 March 2022 (8.4)

Hotfix: Fixed possible authentication issue in the Google Drive interface.

21 July 2021 (client 8.1)

Hotfix: Add support for Drive shortcuts.

19 July 2021 (8.3)

Technical release: no change to the user experience except having to reload the Drive page to install the new version.

4 June 2021 (8.2)

Hotfix: Clicking the extension icon next to the browser address bar no longer displayed the extension pop-up on some pages. This has been fixed.

1 June 2021 (8.1)

Technical release: no change to the user experience except having to reload the Drive page to install the new version

17 May 2021 (8.0)

Major release: UFO 8.0

Learn more: UFO V8.0 Release notes

15 February 2021 (7.1)

Hotfix: When a document is locked, it’s no longer possible for another user to open it in edit mode (previously, the editing conflict was detected only when the second user tried to save their changes).

Mid-January 2021 (7.0)

Major release: UFO 7.0

Learn more: UFO V7.0 Release notes

5 November 2020 (6.3)

Hotfix: Following our previous hotfix, we now prevent UFO from creating 0-byte files during the lock polling mechanism and accidentally erasing user modifications.

19 October 2020 (6.2)


  • Handle some situations where files could get locked without user interaction
  • A notification will now be displayed and prompt the user to save again when UFO detects a 0-byte file
  • UFO allows AODocs administrators to unlock files locked by other users (the feature is coming with AODocs R54)

26 August 2020 (6.1)


We've fine-tuned the new auto refresh connection mechanism to prevent issues in some cases. 

Beginning of August 2020 (6.0)

Major release: UFO 6.0
Learn more: UFO V6.0 Release notes

Mid May 2020 (5.1)

New Refresh connection button on the extension’s page action, to restart the SyncClient processes when connection is lost between the SyncClient and the extension.

End of March 2020 (5.0)

Technical release: UFO 5.0
Learn more: UFO V5.0 Release notes

12 December 2019 (4.0)

Major release: UFO 4.0
Learn more: UFO V4.0 Release notes

28 October 2019 (3.0)

Major release: UFO 3.0
Learn more: UFO V3.0 Release notes

27 August 2019 (2.0)

Major release: UFO 2.0
Learn more: UFO V2.0 Release notes

16 April 2019 (1.9)


  • New Google Drive page structure support

5 February 2019 (1.7)


  • Open file button is no longer displayed on Google files
  • Better handling of files with non-latin characters

3 December 2018 (1.5)


  • New Google Drive page structure support

11 June 2018 (1.4)

Minor release:

  • In the AODocs Smartbar context: enable UFO in the Google Drive file preview
  • Better handling special characters in the Open file notification

21 March 2018 (1.3)

Major release: UFO 1.3

  • Technical improvements
  • New specific Chrome notification if user is logged out
  • Fixed possible issue when using UFO in the AODocs interface

26 February 2018 (1.2)

Major release: UFO 1.2
Learn more: UFO V1.2 Release notes

11 December 2017 (1.1.3)


  • The workaround for the Google Drive API issue was not complete for Team Drives. It's now fixed.

7 December 2017 (version 1.1.2)


  • A bug introduced in the Google Drive Application Programming Interface (API) broke all features of UFO. This version introduces a workaround to restore all features.

6 December 2017 (version 1.1.1)


  • Support all types of proxy configuration on Windows (except when a password is required)
  • Use the system proxy when possible on macOs (only static proxies are supported)

25 July 2017 (version 1.1)

Major release: UFO 1.1
UFO integration with the Smartbar and AODocs.

3 July 2017 (version 1.0)

Major release: UFO 1.0
Learn more: UFO V1.0 Release notes

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