AODocs V44 Release notes

Dear AODocs users,

Please find below a list of the major new features and improvements in AODocs version 44.

Major new features
 Improvements for users
Improvements for super administrators
 Coming soon

Major new features

New workflow configuration

Version control (check-out, check-in and creating new versions) is evolving in the workflow configuration. For a clearer understanding of what’s happening to your documents, we’re introducing:

  • two types of state: standard and draft
  • new types of transition

Learn more: What are workflows? 



Restore folder from trash

With this new feature, administrators can now trash a folder structure and restore it completely without having to re-create it.



Can comment: new permission level in Document Management libraries

In the individual document permissions and workflow state permissions, you can now set permissions for people to read and comment (but not edit). This is especially useful for Google documents.

Learn more: Share documents in a Document Management library.


Improvements for users

Attach files by drag and drop in Document Management libraries

Contributors can now drag and drop new files in the Properties tab of a document. 

This feature will be extended in the coming releases.



Set properties as read only at the document class level

Library administrators can now define properties to be read only for the whole life cycle of the document. Settings at the class level and workflow state level are now aligned.


New settings on views

Library administrators can now access two additional settings in the view definition:

  • set the default number of documents per page for their users (20 by default)
  • choose to expand or hide the filter panel by default (hidden by default) 


Version unicity

When contributors create a new version (by check-in, upload or manually), they must now enter a version name that is different from any of the document’s past version names.

The version name is incremented if versioning is managed by the workflow.


Visual improvements in the document editor

We continue to improve the user experience in the document page. The document title is now visible in one place (in addition to the breadcrumb) and you can now rename the document by editing the document properties.


Following the improvements done on the version control via the workflow, banners are now displayed to distinguish draft, main and previous versions.








We’re taking steps to have full internationalization of the screens in Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese. Coverage already includes French.

Improvements for super administrators

Display the storage quota of storage accounts

AODocs super administrators can now know how full storage accounts are. This is useful if you don’t have a G Suite account with unlimited storage.

Learn more: Manage storage accounts.


Improved management of security codes

The list of security codes now indicates when security codes were last used. The field is empty if the code hasn’t been used since the last release.


AODocs super administrators can also add a description for their security codes.

A confirmation window is now displayed when you delete a security code.


We took the first step to deprecate the Versions menu in the workflow configuration.  If you’re impacted by this change, your domain administrators will be contacted directly.

We took the last step to deprecate the Legacy editor. It’s now no longer usable - all remaining classes not targeted in the previous release are now switched to the Configurable editor.


Launch Details

Rollout pace:
Full rollout from the 9th August 2017.

All end users

Coming soon

We’re working on:

  • extending the drag & drop feature
  • introducing validation rules for some field types
  • localizing date and time fields according a library timezone 

… and more, so keep an eye out for the next release!

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