Publishing a link to an attachment in Document Management

Shaw has a need to used a published link to attachments within a Document Management library. Our customer service organization uses their controlled documents as help documents for their Customer Service Agents. These agents access the documents in real time while on service calls with customers using a program called Vimago. The Vimago program requires a "web published" link to be able to access a Google document.

Using Google Drive, this is simple. Using Google Drive documents controlled by AODocs, the web published link does not exist. We need the web published link (similar to the feature available in Team Folders and Shared Folders) in Document Management libraries.



  • Hello Matt,

    Thank you for your contribution to the community.

    I wanted to get some precision on your request.

    It is possible to retrieve the link of one attachment of a DMS Library document.

    The redirect URL is built as follows:<domain name>/<AODocs document ID>/<Index of the attachment>

    Note that the Index of the attachment goes from 0 to (the number of attachments) - 1.

    Therefore the link to the first attachment of the document is as follows:<domain name>/<AODocs document ID>/0

    This might not entirely answer your need.

    My understanding is that you need to retrieve a published URL for the attachment. If that is the situation, we do not yet provide a way to publish an attachment that belongs to DMS Library (like we do for Team Folder or Secured Folder libraries).

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  • Hi Thibault,

    We have been using this redirect URL & our customers are finding it very useful.  Somebody has asked if there is a possibility to have the "copy link to clipboard" somewhere in the record?  This would save having to go and look for the redirect URL each time we wanted to use this feature. 


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