Adding, removing, or delegating an approver mid-workflow

I started a document workflow, and some approvers have already signed, some have not. I am interested in the following:

1.  Adding an additional approver to the workflow

2.  Removing an approver from the workflow (who did not sign).

3.  Delegation of an approval (who did not sign) in a workflow to a different person

Am I able to do this in AODocs? 



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  • The way to do this is using a Role in your library configuration and workflow.

    1. in your document class, create a property field "Document Approvers" of the type Person and make it multivalued, possibly mandatory (depends on your needs).

    2. in the Roles section, create a dedicated role, like "Doc Approvers", and select the property you just created: "Field" > Select your class > "Document Approvers"

    3. in your workflow, use the Role "Doc Approvers" as the list of people that need to validate the workflow transition

    With this configuration, you can easily change who needs to validate the document by simply modifying the value of a document property.

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