Mandatory Templates

It would be useful for administrators to be able to flag a document class to use only the defined templates and inhibit access to the generic option.  Also, security at the template level would allow administrators greater flexibility to control access to creation via specific templates.



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    Hello Ray,

    An update on your post since with the version 41, released last week, you are now able to make a template mandatory.

    Please let us know if you have further questions on this topic.

    Learn more here:

    Have a good day!

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  • Agreed, this would be good. It seems that classes which had a template applied before the new templates feature now have a template which is mandatory, but this cannot be specified for new classes and templates.

    It would also be good to have the ability for templates show up in a different list to the document classes - possibly something like select New > Document Class, then a dialog box or lower level list to select which template to use?

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  • Hello Ray and Lachlan,

    I can confirm that the mandatory templates are coming soon (in the version 41). Although there will not be specific security management at the template level. Only the class security level will be applied.

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