Audit log improvements

Currently, it does not seem as though all the action types available in the audit log are used. It would be good if actions are logged against these.

Currently it seems like DOCUMENT_UPDATED is used for nearly all actions on documents, for example. When we select type DOCUMENT_RENAMED nothing appears.


We would also like an improved tool to be able to export the audit log. The bookmarklet for this is limited to 1000 entries per run (it may be necessary to export 50-100 times this amount, at least). We would also like to be able to filter on which results to export before doing so.



  • It would also be good to be able to run an audit across all libraries in the domain, on a parameter such as "User". Currently, if I want to see events associated with X User, I have to audit this on each individual library.

    I cannot use the Domain Administration Audit Log for this task because it does not return any results against a specific known user, even though I know that user has performed events in a specific library.

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  • I find the Audit Log really unhelpful.


    If an administrator deletes a folder, it list all the individual items but it difficult to find out exactly which folder the user deleted.


    It's the same with Exports, there are thousands of logged items, but it does not say what the initial export was.


    The time is difficult to read, you can't tell it if is AM or PM. You can't stretch the Date column to see the detail of the date.

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  • There are other issues with the AODocs Audit log.
    If a library administrator gives a user access to a library at the root level.
    The AODocs audit shows that the "system" made the changes to the items further down the structure and the Google Audit shows that the user themselves made the change.

    I would like the audit logs to always give informative results.

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