Personalized banner visible on all AODocs pages of our library


I already talked about this banner more than a year ago with AODocs I think... and I'm still convinced it could be useful.

I imagine well a banner on the top of all pages (the same on all pages) that would appear IF it is activated (=something entered/typed by the administrator) and that the admin could personalize as the welcome message on the homepage, with maybe a maximum number of characters... 

Possible uses of this banner:

- to inform the end user of a visual change (Example: the workflow button has changed... photo before/photo after-now)

- to inform end user that the library is "under maintenance", the admin has removed all contributor rights in order to do "maintenance" (can be due to the use of the bulk updater or a change in the workflow and the admin wants to do some tests and avoid users to change metadata or activate the workflow in the same time as these modifications).

- to inform users about a new functionality (I'm currently using the welcome message on the homepage to do it, but not all end user go via this homepage to access documents) I could imagine writing the "full story" in the welcome message and in the banner a "certain number of characters" and inserting a link towards the homepage for more info.

- for AODocs to advice to do not make any modifications at the moment as the new release is being implemented (with maybe "please come back tomorrow or in 4 hours or...")

If you need more information about this idea, feel free to contact me.

Thank you! Hope to see it implemented one day soon (with all the upcoming changes!)

Kind regards,

Céline Mahé




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