Prevent viewers from downloading, copying and printing - option in the workflow


Would it be possible to add the option "Prevent viewers from downloading, copying and printing" in the workflow (see ticket 7474/Alexandre Dumont).

What I would like to be able to do, is that when a document is "applicable" in my library (=everybody having access to the library can read), I would like to prevent "All users have reader access to the Library" at the library settings level from downloading, copying and printing, but that "contributors and administrators" at the library settings level can do it.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Céline Mahé



  • Hello Céline,

    Thank you for your feedback. Do you have an example where this situation would be needed?

    Changing the document permissions to View only would not work for you?


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  • Hello Thibault,

    It's not a "big issue" but I'm going to explain my use case... "My" library is for the Benelux, so I give access to 3 groups of people (Google groups of each country: The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, in each of them, are all employee of the Benelux, depending on their location). I set these groups as contributors, in order that they can create documents, participate to the workflows, etc.

    The documents of the Benelux have to be accessible for some people who are not employees in the Benelux (but I don't want to manage individual names as people are changing "often" positions and I'm not always informed of who, outside the Benelux, should have access), so they are not in one of these 3 groups, so I opened the library to the domain. All people from the domain can access.

    So then I tried the new option "Prevent viewers from downloading, copying and printing" at the library security level (I think I had a conversation with you about it, following the release where it was included), but it doesn't work or at least not as I expected, because even if a group is set as contributor at the security level, when the document is "applicable" and people have only reading access, the group with contributor access is considered as viewers so the option also apply to them, whereas in my case, they have a different status as people from the domain. I'm not sure it's clear...

    But basically, I would like to avoid that all people (the all domain = people from all over the world working for my company) can access, download, copy and print. If they would like a copy, they should ask us in my opinion.

    If any other questions, feel free.

    Kind regards,


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  • Hello Céline,

    Thank you for the explanation, it is clear. We will review it with the product team.

    Have a great day.

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