Restriction on Person field autocompletion

When filing a property with a Person field type, AODocs proposes an autocompletion of email addresses based on the G Suite contact of the user. The library administrator should be able to restrict the autocompletion to people having access to the library only.



  • I agree with this one. Ideally I would like the following:

    1. ability to select one or multiple 'persons' from an admin predefined list

    2. ability to select one or multiple 'persons' from an admin defined role or group



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  • Hi Samantha and Duncan,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    We're planning to put this feature in place, in two phases:

    • First phase: autocomplete will still operate on the whole domain but if you save the document having selected someone who isn't in a pre-defined role (eg library readers) or group, you get an error message.
    • Second phase: when you type someone's name, autofill operates on a role or group (instead of getting an error message when you save the document)

    We'll let you know when we have a clearer idea of when this will be implemented.



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  • Hi Catherine,

    any update on this feature yet? 

    We see that end users face this problem more and more as many flows are running through an AODocs workflow and people don't always know who has access.

    When this 'person without access' must take action in the following state, the flow is stuck because no notifications mails are sended when you're not listed as a contributor to this library. Also admins can take control of these documents.


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  • Hello everyone,

    We wanted to confirm that this feature will be included in the release 45 of AODocs.

    You can view it and the other new features in our Pre-release announcement:

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