Perform two-factor identification via Duo

Some AODocs For Life Sciences processes require two-factor identification via Duo. This article explains how to use your mobile phone to perform authentication.

Note: You can also perform two-factor identification via Duo using your tablet, landline phone, a security key or Touch ID. 

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Set up Duo

The first time you use Duo, a screen similar to this one opens.

1. Enter a comment, then click Start setup.


2. Choose the device you want to use, then click Continue.

In this example we chose Mobile phone.


3. Follow the instructions according to the device you selected. In this example, we entered a mobile phone number.


4. Follow the instructions according to the device you selected and click Continue. In this example, we indicated the type of mobile device.


5. Install Duo on your device and continue to the next step. In our mobile phone example, we clicked I have Duo mobile installed.


6. Verify your device. In our mobile phone example, we scanned a bar code.

7. Click Continue.


8. Click Continue to Login.


Authenticate with Duo

Note: If you’ve already installed Duo and verified your device, you arrive directly at this step.

1. Choose an authentication method.


2. Confirm the prompt on your device. In our mobile phone example, we tapped Approve.


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