AODocs V41 Release notes

Dear AODocs users,

Please find below a list of the major new improvements and bug fixes in AODocs version 41.


New design for library homepages and views

We improved the design of library homepages and list views to make the interface clearer and easier to use.

One of the most visible change is that the view filters are now displayed on two columns to optimize the vertical space on the page.

In Team Folders, user permissions can be set to “Can Comment”

In Team Folders libraries, it is now possible to set user permissions as “Can Comment” at the document level, just like in Google Drive.

Autocomplete for groups on person fields

If a person field is multi-valuated, you can now use the email address of a Google Group as the field value, and the autocomplete suggestions will contain Google Groups as well as individual addresses.

Learn more here: Edit document properties

Copy a document as a reader

Users who have read-only access to a document, but have the permission to create new documents in the library, can now make a copy of the document.

Learn more here: Copy a document in a Document Management library

New design for boolean fields

Boolean fields are now displayed in the form of a switch button, which is greyed when the value is false and green when the value is true.

Learn more here: Edit document properties

Possibility to set a default template

It is now possible to define a default template for each document class.

If you define a default template, the “new document” menu in AODocs will no longer offer the possibility to create an empty document, and users will have to select one of the available template when creating new documents.

If you create documents in an AODocs Library from Google Drive, then the default template is used.

Learn more here: Configure a document template

Bug fixes

  • Group’s aliases can now be used in AODocs.
  • If an administrator changes the workflow state of a document manually via the document editor, the placeholder ${comment} now displays "The document state was changed by the administrator, no comment available" in the workflow notification emails.
  • The content of the placeholder ${allComments} is now correctly displayed in the workflow notification emails.
  • It is now possible to simultaneously add two new values on a dynamic category while you are editing a document.
  • In secured folder and team folder libraries, documents with mandatory fields are now created by the current user instead of the storage account.
  • The browse by option of a view can now display more than three subvalue levels.
  • Versions of a permanently deleted document no longer appear in the administrator's Drive.
  • It is now possible to select a target folder without selecting a document template when configuring an email to AODocs.

Launch Details

Rollout pace:

Full rollout (domain per domain) over a few days from the 14th December 2016


All end users


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