Ability to pre-filter documents in views based on Google Groups


I would like to be able to pre-filter views when the user who opens the view is part of a Google Group specified in a person property.

Use case

In my class I have a person property (Diffusion Restreinte à) to enter a Google Groups address if the document is set to "Confidential restricted".

Then I would like to pre-filter my view, named "Standards (Restreints)", based on that property. (= Google Group).

If I use the "User who opens the view" option there is only the "equal to" but not the "contains" operator... And AODocs doesn't check if the "user who opens the view" is a member of that Google Group.

I can't use the "Visibility > use restriction" option of the view as the author, the checker and the approver of the document must also be able to access it and they are not necessarily part of this Google Group. Furthermore, I can only input 1 Group or 1 role in the visibility restriction field.


Configuration: DMS.

Refer to support request 23094




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