Using Roles in the formula for a calculated property

In the formula builder for the calculated property, there is an option to include Category or workflow states. In the same way, it would be nice to include Roles from within the formula builder. For example: In a conditional logic, I would like to perform a certain calculation if a person property exists within a role. 



  • Thank you for your contribution Selvi. It's currently not an option available in the calculated properties but we can consider it. Would you mind sharing with us more details about your use case and how you plan on using this option?

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  • Thanks Thibault for your response. This is one use case: I have a person property: Instructor. I need to verify if the Instructor is the same as the Faculty department chair (FDC). FDC is defined as a role in the library. If they are the same, then I need to get the approval done by Manager (another role). If they are different, then the FDC approves the request. 

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