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I'd like to request adding a column to display whether a user account consumed a contributor or a view-only license. For example, if the column is titled "Contributor", the value could be simply a Yes or No. This information would be helpful when reviewing our many pre-allocated licenses, mixed with potentially many other read-only licenses.

Thanks for your consideration.



  • Thank you Sonia for your contribution on our community.

    We would like to understand what purpose you have to retrieve the list of your users who are contributor or read-only users? It is for grooming the licenses usage?

    Our team would be able to generate usage reports to list users of your domain and their profile based on their actions. Is it something that would help?

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  • Yes, it is for grooming license usage. In our scenario, approx 6% of licenses need to stay pre-allocatted to the appropriate staff, and let everybody else acquire a view-only license.  I am realizing that a better label for that column of license type would be "Pre-allocatted", instead of "Contributor" (with a boolean value).

    Since the same user can have different access levels across libraries, I realize it would be very hard to monitor and identify who can read/write or just read at any given time.

    To generate those usage reports and action profiles would certainly help and be a welcomed feature.

    Thanks for your attention.

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