Add "Description" and "ID" fields to views

Make the "Description" and "ID" fields, selectable items in views.  Descriptions can get rather lengthy but a truncated version of the field would be helpful.



  • Hi Karol,

    Thanks a lot for your post!

    Could you please give us more information on your use case?

    1) Why do you need the document ID displayed in the views? (and do you confirm you are talking about the document ID generated by AODocs looking like a String similar to this one: "ScaNar74YzDAHYabF6"?)

    You could already achieve this through a calculated property, adding a STRING calculated property on your document class with the formula systemProperty`id`. This property can then be displayed in the views. Would this help/solve your need?

    2) The description is used is a lot of various ways, sometimes with pictures and tables, which would sometimes make it difficult for us to retrieved the "end-user" facing text. How do you use the description in your library?

    Best regards,

    Marine, Product Manager at AODocs

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  • Thank you for your reply Marine!  I came up with a solution for the ID question by using the sequence ID in the Title field via calculation so we can disregard that request.

    Our organization's contact center is using their AODocs library as a knowledge base. We migrated the library from SharePoint, where the contact center associates were able to view a very small portion of the rich text field.  They are now using the AODocs field to house information from the "General Information" field as seen here:

    The vast majority of the field content is not viewable here but even having this little snippet of data available is a help for them as they field calls.

    Thank you again!


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