Add basic calculations to Views

I would like to see a feature where one can do basic calculations (i.e. sum, count, average etc.) on properties in Views. My specific use case as an example:

  • For each equipment that my company owns, we would like to create an AODocs document with properties such as "Value" of equipment
  • I will then create a view in which I can list all of the equipment (nearly like an asset register), including their "Value" in the table
  • In order to see the full value of all my equipment, I want to be able to sum all of the "Value(s)" and display this at the bottom of the table in the view.
  • I would also like to do a count of all the equipment and display this similar to the "Value"
  • I am essentially trying to eliminate the need to keep registers (of equipment and other elements) by using properties and views, however I still need to do some basic calculations on registers, which views currently don't allow


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