Audit : How to get documents list at a specific state


I would like to get the documents lists that are currently at a specific workflow state, with the date of the last workflow transition and the persons who has to participate on the document for the next transition.

The idea would, be as an administrator, to know if some documents are stuck at a specific state since too long, in order to notify the persons who has to validate the transition.

Audit bookmarlket seems not to allow this...

Thank you.



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  • Thank you for your post on the community!

    In some specific cases you could already create a dedicated view for administrators to list:

    Document Title, Workflow State, Last Workflow state change date, person field(s) used by your role to define who has to perform a workflow action.

    Additionally, if the purpose of this view is to remind users of performing workflow actions, I recommend the following:

    1. set up automatic reminder on the workflow transition for a certain number of time (for example 3 reminders)

    2. set up automatic escalation reminder (still using the automatic reminder) to include administrators after 3 reminders.

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