Closed sections when creating a document (as defined in a template)


I have many sections with several properties for a document class.
I can close these sections in the template related to my document class, but it doesn't impact the end user view when creating a document from this template (all sections are opened and all propierties are displayed).

It would be great if the end user view could match exactly with the template view (opened / closed sections).

Thank you



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  • Thank you for your input in the community.

    We are interested in understanding what would be the purpose for forcing the section to collapse.

    Is it because there are too many fields and you don't want to clog the user interface with all your fields?

    Or is it because you don't want some fields of your templates to be visible to the users?

    Also, in case you didn't know, if a user cannot see any field of a given section (all the fields are hidden to them), the section is also automatically hidden.

    Additional details on your use case would be appreciated.

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