Date Validation

We currently have data validation on String properties, is there a way to validate Date properties as well?

Right now we're using a custom script to check for dates that are 'invalid' for example a due date that is before today's date or a payment date that is within the minimum of 5 processing days.



  • Thibault Mortier

    Please advice. I have similar request as well. Currently I handle this by calculating the due date - current date to a Numerical Type document property that gives me a number and I check that the number is always greater than 0.

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  • I have an immediate need for a custom script that ensures an End Date field is greater than a Start Date field. I would think that date validation options would be available for things like minimum and maximum time spans, ensuring a date entered is greater than today, etc. Is there a script available for this short term and are there plans to make it available natively in the future?

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