Export documents and attachments from Document Management library to Drive or Client pc folder

Sometimes it is useful or regulatory request to be able to export the content of a library (best for a selected view)  in a folder on Drive or Client pc.

For example: Safety Data Sheets Repository



  • Hello Emmanuele,

    In your use case, do you need a copy of the documents and attachments to be exported? Or the documents and attachments themselves?

    Do you need it a snapshot of the documents or get the data for offline purposes?

    If you need them on a local client, in what format do you expect these attachments and documents?


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  • Hi,

    for Corporate and Regulatory reasons I should be able to export all approved safety sheets in a folder.

    Besides, since there could be several files for a single safety sheet ( for example due to different languages) I should be able to create a folder for each document containg all that attachments.

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