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It would be helpful if we could allow certain users to manage the Deleted Items module, similar to the new role for Locked Documents. I would trust more people to recover documents from Deleted than I would to have full admin over the document classes. It could be bundled with Document Administrator but ideally this would be a separate role. Or we'd just be able to tick the components they should have access to.



  • Hi Matt, 

    Thanks for your contribution on the community. We planned on delivering a similar feature and we would like to have your feedback on the limitations of this light admin of the documents in the Library Trash.

    Do you think the Trash Can Admin should only be able to restored documents they were able to access before deletion? or any deleted document of the library even if they didin't have visibility on them prior to deletion.

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  • Hi Thibault,

    If I were to give this role to people, I would trust them with the contents of the library (just not want them to change the document classes and other areas of the library structure) so I think they should be able to see everything in the trash can. Otherwise you'd have to give this role to all users to ensure they can see their deleted files*. I think it would make sense for the Trash Can admin to be able to see the entire contents of the Trash Can and have the ability to restore the document - the permissions for the document should be the same as when they were deleted, so if the Trash Can admin didn't have access to view the file before it was deleted, they could see the file to restore it but they still wouldn't be able to open it.
    * another option would be to have a "per user" trash can, so users can always see files that they have deleted, and then the Library Admin or Trash Can admin can see everything deleted by any user.
    There's then a separate question about whether the Trash Can Admin should all be able to DELETE files from the Trash Can. This raises a question when working with sensitive documents as to whether one person can find files in the library, delete them and themselves go and delete the file from the Trash Can. In some situations we might not want to allow this. So one option would be to define which permissions the Trash Can admin can execute with checkboxes (Restore or Delete). Then I could divide up who can recover documents vs who can delete them.
    This would let you do this:
    • Tony: Trash Can Admin - Recover Only; No files Shared to him in the Library
    • Dave: Trash Can Admin - Delete Only; View Only in library
    • Phil: No Admin; Library Contributor
    1. Phil can delete a document, and Tony can bring it back for him.
    2. Dave doesn't have Edit on the documents so he can't delete anything from the library, but he can empty the Trash Can
    3. Phil can delete to the Trash Can but he can't fully remove it from the library altogether (he has to get Dave to do that for him)
    4. Tony can recover accidentally deleted files (even though he can't see the contents)
    This means that no one user has the ability to delete a file completely, there's always a double check - useful for critical documents (particularly if your admin hands their notice in and you're worried about malice)
    I understand that this would be more complicated to implement though!
    For me the important thing is to be able to have someone recover documents from the Trash Can without giving them full Library Admin.
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  • Thank you for your very thorough response, much appreciated! I'll make sure to review it with our product team.

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