Only allowing admins to be able to delete attachments in a DM library

Under the document class > Security there's an option for only admins to be able to delete documents. When it comes to a document management library, attachments can still be deleted by contributors. It would be nice to have the ability to lock attachments from being deleted by a contributor. Like this:

Including or alternatively, it would be very nice to have the ability to restore deleted attachments inside of the admin console. 





  • I'd love to have this too. This is our biggest source of accidental data loss at the moment. No way to recover a deleted attachment, so we either need to stop people deleting them or be able to easily recover them.

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  • To echo Celina and Matt's comments - this is needed to prevent inappropriate or accidental loss of attachments from DMS libraries, which otherwise have to be recovered from the storage account. In organizations where very few library administrators have access to the storage accounts, that's an issue!

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