Folders inside an AODocs library

Once you create folders within a library, it is not possible to click & drag the folder to a new location within the structure. Once a folder is created, it doesn't organize according to alphabetical order. Having folders in alphabetical order would aid in efficient retrieval. 

The example below is in alphabetical order because we planned the folders before creating them. If we were to add a new folder, it would just go to the bottom. 

Suggested feature request:

-To be able to click & drag a folder to a new location within the structure. 


-Once a folder is created, the system puts it in alphabetical order. 



  • This would be VERY helpful! Much needed change request for sure to keep organized. 

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  • First request would be indeed useful.

    But the system does sort the folders in aphabetical order already. You just have to refresh the view.

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