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We are using DocuSign connector which is running well. For this function, we know that there are anchors for Name (#sigNameX), Date (#sigDateX) and Signature (#sigSignX).

In addition to this, we also need an anchor for signer's title.

What anchor should we use for "title"?



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    Hey Tomo,

    We are launching a new version of the Docusign connector .

    You can now use these anchors in addition to the existing ones:

    SIGNATURE fields: triggers the dialog to define first name, last name, initials


    • #sigInitialsX: signer initials

    OUTPUT fields: outputs data about the signer and signature context


    • #sigEmailAddressX: email address of the signer
    • #sigFirstNameX: first name of the signer
    • #sigLastNameX: lastName of the signer
    • #sigEnvelopeIdX: envelope id

    INPUT fields: collects data from signer

    • #sigCompanyInputX: Company name (persisted in user context)
    • #sigTitleInputX: title / function (persisted in user context)
    • #sigAttachmentsInputX: input to add additional attachments
    • #sigDateInputX: validated date input
    • #sigEmailInputX: validated email input
    • #sigNumberInputX: validated number input
    • #sigSsnInputX: validated social security number input (US format)
    • #sigZipInputX: validated zip code input (US format)
    • #sigTextInputX: arbitrary text

    BUTTON inputs: shortcuts to features already in the signature UI

    • #sigApproveButtonX: button to approve the envelope
    • #sigDeclineButtonX: button to decline the envelope

    Our KB articles are going to be updated soon to reflect the new anchors.

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  • Thank you Thibault, this was helpful.

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