make remove attachment capability part of workflow permissions

It would be good if one of the permission options in the workflow stage would be to make attachments to a document readonly - in the sense that when the document is in that stage, attachments could not be removed or added.  Best case would be that you could choose one or the other or both but it is the removal of the attachment that is most concerning to me.

My use case is that there is a stage in the approvals where I need the approver to make some entries in the document properties, hence they need edit rights, but I do not want the approver to be able to delete any attachments.  This is particularly important for the Document Management library type, since if they delete the attachment, restoring it is much more of an effort than just retrieving a document from the recycle bin.

If I remove the attachment pane from the document view, then I cannot add and remove attachments during other stages of the workflow.  



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  • I am also looking for a way to control the permission for attachments.  For my case I wanted readers to be able to read the properties of documents but cannot view attachments until the Approver click "Release to All" in workflow.

    Will be great if the workflow permissions is broaden beyond controlling only the properties.

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