Ability to add Roles to Library Security

Use Case:

Currently, only users/groups can be added to a library's security settings. It would be ideal if the library security settings would also include Roles

There is no way for users that are apart of a library's Roles (and not added as an individual user or a group) to have access to the library. They cannot view the library in their homepage.

I see a great benefit of using Roles for users that don't yet have Google Groups in place, or in replacement of adding users individually as it's time consuming.

Feature Request:

Ability to add Roles to Library Security.



  • Thanks for your suggestion in the community.

    I wanted to confirm with you what is the current pain point as a library administrator.

    Is it that:

    • the admin has to reference the users of the roles twice: in the role configuration AND in the library security permissions.


    • that the sharing of the library has to be wide enough to guess who could be in a role (for instances based on a person field and possibly different for every document).

    or something else?

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  • Hello Thibault,

    The main pain point is having to individually add users into Library Security settings when they have not yet been configured into a Google Group but are apart of a Role. There seems to be somewhat of a disconnect between Roles and Library Security settings. 

    This is the case for public libraries where all users have read-only access. For instance, I am looking to add the Role "Approvers" as library Contributors (via Library Security settings) instead of creating a group that mirrors/duplicates the role "Approvers". There is duplicated effort in that sense. 

    Let me know if this makes sense.


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